Below you will find a summary of the income and expenditure for JoomlaDayUK 2017 all figures are in GBP and are rounded up to the nearest 10 .

Total Sponsorship Raised (net of fees) 10,990
Ticket Sales (net of fees) 3,300
Venue - Fully Sponsored by Microsoft  
Event Catering - Fully Sponsored by Microsoft  
Running Costs, Print & Merchandise   4650
Video Costs (Equipment Shipping David J Flight & Hotel)   800
Team Travel/Accomodation Costs   400
Social Event (Rochen Sponsorship)   2,150
Advertising (Facebook & Adwords)   500
Total Income/expenditure 14,290 8500
Surplus Generated 5790
Donation to Clowns without Borders *1   1,250
Sponsorship of JoomlaDay Butabika *2   400
Open Source Matters *2   1600


Balance for UK Certification Events/JoomlaDayUK 2017 *3 2540


  1. Clowns Without Borders provided their banking co-ordinates immediately and the funds were transferred the week after JoomlaDay UK.
  2. There was a delay in receiving the banking co-ordinates to send this donation.  £400 of this was transferred directly to JoomlaDay Butabika in an emergency on the day of the event, as requested OSM support had not been received. The balance of £1600 has been transferred to OSM and receipt of it has been confirmed by them. You will note the the donation to Open Source Matters inc.  Makes no mention of JoomlaDays in Africa as was announced and tweeted at the event.  This is because Open Source Matters have stated they will not provide extra support to any JoomlaDay and that the donation can only be used as part of the general support available.
  3. The remaing balance will be used help UK JUG's hold certification events and to cover expenses during the year (hosting, domain name registration, monthly account maintenance fees etc).  Any balance from these expenses during the year will be used to kickstart JoomlaDayUK 2017.