Go Professional and become a Certified Joomla! Administrator! Having the Administrator Badge on your website shows your clients and colleagues that you have a thorough knowledge of Joomla! On the 8th of July, 2017 you can take an Administrator exam at JoomlaDay UK and become part of a select group of Joomla! Professionals.


What is the Joomla! Certification Program?

You can find out more about the Program at the Certification Website - https://certification.joomla.org

How do I sign up for the exam?

If you already have a JoomlaDayUK Ticket and would like to sign up for the exam, please find Richard Von Tilborg on the day at the pre-exam session and he'll be happy to add you to the system.

How much does it cost?

The actual price of a Joomla! exam is different per country. To give everybody the opportunity to take the exam, the prices are based on the so-called “Big Mac Index”. The price for the Administrator Exam in the UK is $65 (US Dollars, around £51.00).

How can I revise, what should I know?

The certification site has a list of resources to help you study (https://certification.joomla.organd there will be a pre-exam revision session on the day to help you get the best out of it.  

Our top tip is to revise the areas of Joomla! you don't use every day, so if you don't build Multi Lingual sites, brush up your knowledge there or if you don't use certain core components such as Banners, Contacts or Newsfeeds, make sure you've given those features a good once over to improve your chances.

What happens during the Exam Session?

You will take your exam on your own laptop in a quiet room. No smartphones, no other electronic devices, no paper notebooks, no cheating!

A Supervisor will ensure a quiet environment so you can concentrate on your exam.

In the Safe Exam Browser (SEB) you will get 60 questions that you have to answer within 90 minutes.

When you pass the 80% correct answers mark, you will receive a Joomla! 3 Certified Administrator Badge and your personal certificate.

I still have questions, who can I contact?

If you still have questions regarding the exam, please email the Supervisor for this Exam Session, Richard Von Tilborg 


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